One Person’s Self Care

There are many options for how a Care Partner can practice self care – from pursuing your own hobbies, to taking a spa day and time for yourself!

One of our Care Partners, Pam, wrote this poem to help with her own self care – is poetry something you could do too?

“Code White”

Written by Pamela
March 27, 2017

A “Code White” in a Hospital setting,
can be very disturbing and life threatening.

For a Caregiver it’s very stressful
as their loved one’s state is seriously mental.

My loved one was always in his life…..“The Boss”
however, now I am confronted with “Ambiguous Loss”.

I could no longer take care of my loved one
and I don’t feel I need to provide explanation,
my loved one’s “Brain” simply just left the Nation.

The medical and professional staff do their very best
they settle my loved one so that he is calmed and he can rest.

Every time I hear about the “Code White”
it just instills in me serious fright.

My loved one was admitted to hospital “Lock Down”,
and he will never come home,
this is all a result of this terrible disease and horrible syndrome.

To all Caregivers dealing with and supporting dementia for their loved one
stay strong, take one day at a time and soon you will see the rise of the sun.

That’s my hope and prayer which helps to get me through my day
it’s all I have left to hold on to otherwise it’s feeling like castaway.

My loved one and I feel ship wrecked and stranded in some strange place
in the mean time all we have is this disease dementia to live with its reality to


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